Power Transmission Lines

A large percentage of African Rural lacks electricity, which negatively impacts social and economic development. There is a direct correlation between electricity supply and development. HISTOTO has been in the fore front of execution of the distribution and rural electrification projects in Kenya and East African Countries from Design, Supply, Construction and Commissioning.
Utility ICT

Utility ICT is becoming a major component in the distribution of power. Utility companies are becoming more and more automated and increasing the application of ICT at a high rate. Utilities world over are retrofitting earth wires on the transmission infrastructure to install Optical Ground Wires (OPGW). HISTOTO are specialists in Jointing and Termination of OPGW and other terrestrial Fibre Optic routing design and installation and servicing.
Power Substations

Substations are at the heart electricity distribution. HISTOTO has been delivering substation projects from Design, Construction and Commissioning. Towards this end, HISTOTO identified LS Industrial Systems as the preferred EPC Partner for the Power Substation Projects.
Energy Storage and Renewable Systems

Some loads are critical for business continuity. Realizing the need in providing power to these critical loads, HISTOTO partnered with internationally recognized manufacturers in supply of the solution for Power Backup. Xnergy Backup systems have been designed with the local conditions in mind.We currently supply 1kW to 125kW of Power Backup Systems configure from 3-hours to 12 hours of backup.

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